American Poultry Association
Founded in 1873, the APA is the largest poultry organization in the US, as well as the oldest livestock organization in the U.S., Publishes the American Standard of Perfection, a quarterly newsletter, and an annual yearbook.

American Bantam Association 
Since 1914 the American Bantam Association has represented bantam breeders and their special interests. It has grown into a strong and vibrant national organization that promotes the breeding and exhibiting of all kinds of bantams. Publishes the Bantam Standard.

Backyard Poultry
A monthly poultry magazine in full color.   Mailed each month by Countryside Publications and edited by Ryan Slabaugh.  Lots of “how-to” articles, feature articles on specific breeds, book reviews, recipes, advertisements, and much more.   Highly recommended.

Ideal Poultry
A family-operated business located in Cameron, Texas, Ideal Poultry offers many rare and unusual poultry varieties.   While we don’t specifically endorse their products, Ideal Poultry is one of the very few hatcheries in the U.S.A. that offer Buff and Partridge large fowl Chanteclers.   They do not offer bantam Chanteclers, however.

Performance Poultry
Located in Prince Edward County in South Eastern Ontario, Performance Poultry offers many varieties of day-old poultry, including Chanteclers in White, Partridge, and Buff varieties. Some of the day-old poultry they offer are from their own breeding birds; others are outsourced through breeders, hobbyists, and hatcheries.

Poultry Press
THE monthly newspaper for exhibition poultry fanciers.   Articles, photos, show information and results, display ads, and classified ads.   America’s oldest poultry newspaper is a must for persons interested in following the happenings of fancy poultry of all types.   Mailed by editor Bill Wulff out of Connersville, Indiana, around the first of each month.

Sand Hill Preservation Center
Operated by Glenn and Linda Drowns at Calamus, Iowa, Sand Hill Preservation Center offers heirloom seeds and poultry of many varieties and breeds.    They offer baby chicks in large fowl White, Partridge, and Buff Chanteclers.  No bantam Chanteclers however.  The White & Partridge Chanteclers sell out fairly quickly, so plan to order early for those varieties.

Youth Exhibition Poultry Association
The primary objective of the club is to encourage and help our young members to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to participate fully and effectively in the poultry fancy as an adult.