2 thoughts on “Partridge Large Fowl

  1. Hi . I’m considering joining CFI . At this point my first chantecler hatching eggs won’t arrive till the end of Mar. I have one question . The white variety has a fairly large gene pool with what I have found to date . The partridge population is considerably smaller . As a breeder are we allowed to use the original cross breeds to get a larger gene pool ? Both the partridge & white varieties I’m getting are large fowl . Thank You Doug Stamler Balmoral , Mb.

    • Doug, sorry I did not see this until now, June 22nd. I personally believe that faster progress can be made by staying within the current gene pools. Of course anyone is free to make whatever matings he or she wish, but it can be a long road back to respectability once outcrosses are made. Been there and done that.

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