2019 CFI Meets Scheduled (as of March 1st)

June 1 – CLUB MEET
Coulee Region Poultry Show, Inc., Trempealeau County Fairgrounds,
Galesville, Wisconsin. Special Awards for top Chantecler placings in large fowl and
bantam. Judges will be Bart Pals, Gary Rossman, and Butch Gunderson. For
information and/or a show catalog contact the Show Secretary, Jim Laatsch
by email at Jimsparky2000@yahoo.com, or call (253) 241-9981.

Michigan Fowl Fest, Frankenmuth Credit Union Event Center
Birch Run, Michigan. This venue is right off Interstate 75 between Flint and Saginaw
Website: www.fowlfest.org, Email: entries@fowlfest.org
Clay Mills, Show Superintendent, 989-763-1973
Matt Boensch, Show Secretary, 989-529-7030

Canadian Heritage Breeds show, Olds, Alberta.
On Alberta’s main thoroughfare – the QE#2 Highway, one hour drive from Calgary
International Airport, and one & a half hours from Edmonton. Judges will be Bart Pals
and Merle Watson. This show is also the venue for the American Poultry Association
2019 Canadian national meet. For more information contact CFI member Kathy
Stevenson, Box 642, Bashaw, Alberta, T0B 0H0, Phone (403) 788-2546, or email to
hawthorn@xplornet.com .


National Meets in Canada and the United States are set by the Board of Directors after considering any and all bids solicited by CFI members. Bids from host show clubs usually consist of several of the following: CFI choice of judges the hosting club hires, club table(s), single decking, Chanteclers judged first, plaque-trophy-rosette for best large fowl and bantam Chanteclers, and/or a cash rebate back to CFI. The rebate may be a flat amount based on a specified minimum number of Chantecler entries, or
sometimes a flat amount per Chantecler entry, typically $1 per bird entered.

Club Meets
are awarded to shows based upon requests from CFI members sent to the Secretary. Requesting CFI members should provide the names of at least three persons (not necessarily CFI members, but we do prefer they be members) who are expected to participate by showing their Chanteclers. CFI will provide cash or other awards to CFI owners of the top placing large fowl and bantam Chanteclers based upon the show reports filled out by the show secretary and returned to the CFI secretary. The show reports are available to download and print from https://chantecler.club.